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Build experiences your Discord members love.

Create a Discord social economy with tipping, multiplayer games, a store, or pretty much anything you can think of.

💵 Economy

📦 Lootbox

💸 Tipping

🏪 Store

🎲 Casino

🎁 Prizes

🧑🏻‍🦰 Profile

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Always forever free to use for all Discord servers and community members.


We built our bot to significantly reduce the friction involved in building Discord servers. 


Perform any action from any device without every having to leave Discord.


Economy Bot for Discord: Tip friends quicker than even IRL cash.

💵 Economy

💸 Tipping

Incentivize members to join your server and keep coming back with the UX-optimized tipping experience. Members of your community can tip each other with the social currency of your choice.

Magic Embeds: In-Discord advanced embed builder with components

✨ Magic Embeds

💵 Economy

📦 Lootbox

Build insane dynamic embeds in-server to create any kind of experience you can think of. Build embeds on any device directly inside of Discord without having to log into a web app. Add buttons with dynamic functionality. Your creativity is the limit.

Multiplayer Casino: Play poker and blackjack with your friends.

🎲 Multiplayer Games

Up to 7 members can start a table and play blackjack or poker together, betting their hard-earned tokens for a chance to win (or lose).

Buy and Win Items: Store and Prizes make spending tokens fun.

🏪 Store

🎁 Prizes

Create buyable items or start a raffle for your members. Buying items and entering raffles is smooth and effortless for your members.

Join Beta

Add the bot to your server to join the beta program.

Economy & Tipping

Magic Embeds

Multiplayer Casino

Store & Prizes


Extended API

NFT Passive Yield

NFT Yield Multiplier

Upcoming Features

The following features are currently in development or in beta testing with select communities.

Monetize your community

💰 Monetization


“Boosted” Members pay a small monthly fee to receive vanity perks. Earn up to 20% in royalties from all of your boosted members and unlock functionality like White Labeling and API to extend your currency to a game, web app, or whatever crazy idea you have.

API: Extend your token to any platform


Extend the functionality of your Discord token to be used across anywhere. Have a game, web app, or innovative social tool you’re building? Our simple API and documentation will allow your users to enjoy your token anywhere.

NFT Passive Yield: Make your collection generate off-chain token.

🐻 PAssive Yield

Enable an entire collection to generate a custom off-chain token. Allow your holders to tip and spend their token within your community. Proven to boost sales and HODLing.

NFT Multiplier: Supercharge a second collection as a force multiplier

⚡️ Yield Multiplier

Give a second collection a multiplier effect when paired with an NFT that is generating passive yield.

Join Beta

Add the bot to your server to join the beta program.

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Discord Community Experience Suite