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Designed to be easy and flexible. Bear Bot is bullish on the power of community so everything we make is for the vibes.

Built for communities of any size.

Earn & Enjoy Rewards

Keep your community members coming back with a reward system that gives you choices and flexibility.

Tip friends fast

Tip other members from your Points balance, gas-free and instant.

Reward loyal holders

Every NFT or token in your collection generates daily Points to encourage sweeping and HODLing. Safe wallet connect.

No staking required.

Play poker and blackjack together

Up to 7 members can start a table and play blackjack or poker together, betting their hard-earned tokens for a chance to win (or lose).

Reward activity

Give a daily reward for your most loyal and active users, simply by just checking in.

Build Unique Experiences

Build embeds on any device directly inside of Discord and add buttons with dynamic functionality.

Video coming soon

Make spending tokens fun

Create buyable items or start a raffle for your members. Buying items and entering raffles is smooth and effortless for your members.

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Instant Setup

Reduce friction and increase engagement with the user experience-focused platform.


Branded experiences amplify your brand and helps members feel right at home.


Extend your community rewards to games, apps, and more with our Developer API.


Hold a Bad Bear NFT and get $100/mo off any plan forever





Social economy for all communities

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or $199/mo

Attract more holders to your community

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Beyond community rewards

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Questions & Answers

What is the Bear Bot and how will it make my brand better?

Bear Bot a first-of-its-kind community rewards system designed for WEB3 brands.

It solved our problem of community engagement so we redesigned it for scale so that other brands can win too.

Bear Bot integrates with Ethereum NFT Collections and ERC-20 Tokens so that your loyal holders can get rewarded with Points and use those Points in many different ways.

When you activate an NFT collection to generate Points, we download the metadata and track transfers and sales between holders real-time.

Holders don’t generate Points, NFTs do. This means that you can buy an NFT on the floor holding unclaimed Points and begin using them inside of the community.

Same thing with ERC-20 Tokens.

NFT Brands: Activate one or all of your collections to generate (or multiply) Points every day.

ERC-20 Brands: Holders of the activated token generate points every day in your community. No staking required.

WEB3 Communities: You don’t need to own the collection to activate holder rewards. You can activate any collection or token to generate rewards for holders.

WEB2 Communities: Bear Bot comes out-of-the-box as the best Economy Bot you can find. Don’t believe us? Try the competition.

We know how important safety and security is for a WEB3 brand. Users need to trust you and the tools you use.

We have two wallet connect options:

OpenSea Bio: Verify ownership of a wallet by adding a uniquely generated block of text to your OpenSea bio, similar to Vulcan.

Traditional Connect: We also offer a faster, traditional wallet connect option, similar to Collab.Land

You can add multiple wallets that are tied to all instances of Bear Bot across Discord, so you never have to connect after the first time.

We have a Developer API that allows you to pull user balances and modify their balances outside of Discord.

We are excited to see how communities use the API in their games, web apps, and social media.

Contact us for access.

Every part of the Bear Bot can be completely branded however you wish. Contact us for pricing.

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